Defrost Timer

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Plug In 11 Pin Timing Device

Defrost Timer

Cooling 3 – 6 Hrs 6 – 12 Hrs

Defrost 3 – 60 mins

Fan 0,3 – 6 mins

The unit has two cooling ranges which are selectable: 3-6 hours, and 6-12 hours.

On power up, with terminals 5+6 linked, the timer starts the cooling cycle. After a 0,3 – 6 Minute pause, the fan operation starts.

The cooling duration is set for a time :3-12 hours. After the set cooling time, the defrost cycle starts, which can be set for a duration of 3-60 minutes. During this cycle the fan control is also switched off, after the defrost cycle has elapsed, the cooling cycle restarts, but without the fan operation. The fan will restart after the set period of 0,3 to 6 minutes.

If the link between pins 5 + 6 is disconnected, the unit will remain in the cooling/fan mode. If reconnected the defrost cycle will once again be operational. Three LED’s indicate the status of either cooling, fan or defrost.

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110VAC, 12VAC, 12VDC, 230VAC, 24VAC, 24VDC, 400VAC



leading electrical products distributor MCE -Avanti